Advanced K9 Detectives LLC
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Advanced K9 Detectives LLC
was the first company in the United States with the first certified bed bug dog.  We now have multiple teams and offices throughout the country, and are internationally known.   Advanced K9 Detectives LLC is a family owned company committed to quality bed bug inspection service. Our dogs specialize in scent detection and are trained on live bed bugs and viable eggs only.  We do not exterminate therefore eliminating conflict of interest! 

Hotels, Motels, Hospitals, Long Term Health Care Facilities, Universities, Cruises, Airlines, Camps, Management Companies, Exterminators and Homeowners can now benefit from the extremely accurate detection of bed bugs that only a bed-bug detection dog can offer!
Our dogs detect and pinpoint exact areas of infestation.  Traditional bedbug detection methods can be very time consuming and labor intensive. Certified Bedbug Dogs generate quicker and more accurate results. For example, the bedbug canine can search the average hotel room in less than two minutes. Our dogs can identify and confirm an infestation quickly and conveniently the first time which allows you to take action immediately to eliminate the problem.

We can be reached at:

Toll Free
(888) 5BED-BUG

Connecticut: (203) 877-5717
(617) 502-2063

Long Island:
(631) 963-4483
New Jersey: (201) 882-9616         




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